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Google Acquires SlickLogin, The Sound-Based Password Alternative


Customizing Charts using XML – Part 1

One from the champion CRM’ie; Ayaz!

Ayaz Ahmad [MVP Microsoft CRM 2007-2010]

Dynamics CRM 2011 provides a very useful feature called charts. Charts can be designed within charts designer provided out of box and they can also be customized using charts XML. In this post we will look into various customization options available to design charts using XML.

Charts are used to display and portrait information in a meaningful way so that chart’s audience can quickly understand and analyse data trends. Some charts convey message more accurately than other. For example, a line chart conveys trending information better than a pie chart.

There are a handful of chart types available in charts designer such as:

  1. Column chart
  2. Bar chart
  3. Line chart
  4. Pie chart
  5. Funnel chart
  6. Multi-series chart
  7. Stacked charts
  8. Mixed chart
  9. Series chart

Dynamics CRM 2011 uses Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. This framework is rich in functionality and provides more chart types. Following chart types can be consumed…

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AX2012 – Country specific features

AX2012 – Country specific features.

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event.returnValue is not working after UR 12 – Fix

For the implementers facing challenges post RU 12 on MSCRM 2011.
courtesy: MVP Rajeev P

Rajeev Pentyala - Dynamics 365 Blog

We use event.returnValue=false statement, to stop the event execution. (i.e., I can stop my crm form’s save action, if I write event.returnValue=false statement on my onsave() event).

After I upgraded to UR12, I was getting script error, if I use the event.returnValue statement.


  • Update Rollup 12 and December 2012 Service Update support additional browsers by generating HTML that supports W3C standards.
  • This requires removing dependencies on HTML components (HTC) that are specific to Internet Explorer.
  • Hence event.returnValuestatement has been deprecated


  • Use context.getEventArgs().preventDefault() function to cancel the event execution

How do I use this

  • First to get “context”, enable the OnSave event handler to pass the execution context as the first parameter to the OnSave event handler.
  • Open customization form -> Form Properties and in “Handler Properties” window, select the “Pass execution ….” checkbox
  • Next in your Jscript , read the context as first parameter

function onsave(context) {


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